A USC Study Revealed The Worst L.A. Neighborhoods Known For Issuing Parking Tickets

By Malia Wooten

A new study released by USC’s Crosstown project exposes the worst neighborhoods in the city known for dishing out parking tickets.

It doesn’t take living here to experience the horrible epidemic of walking to your car and being able to see a piece of paper shoved in your windshield. But if you do reside here, do you happen to know if you live in a parking ticket hotspot?

A data reporting project at USC’s Annenberg School for Journalism called Crosstown listed Downtown Los Angeles as number one, with the city of Hollywood as it’s runner up. And to be honest, we’re not that surprised. Though many Angelenos may argue that West Hollywood and Pasadena could easily find themselves on this list – they don’t technically fall within the county of Los Angeles. Check out the lovely graph below to see if you happen to live in one of these neighborhoods.

Photo courtesy of Crosstown

If you were wondering what the most common violations were – they made a neat graph for that, as well!

Photo courtesy of Crosstown

Whether you forgot to set an alarm to move your car for street sweeping or can never manage to figure out a riddle-full of complied parking signs – you’ve probably scored yourself a ticket at some point or another. Getting upset about receiving parking violation is a common reaction, but those who pay off the ticket immediately find themselves getting over it faster. Out of sight, out of mind!

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