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A Woman Caught Up-Close Footage Of A Bear In Pasadena From Her Car

By Malia Wooten

Maybe he was looking for recycled honey jars?

It’s not every day that you pull up in your driveway to find a bear rummaging through your trash bin. A Pasadena woman caught a rare sighting of the giant four-legged creature on her phone over the weekend and it might make you reconsider throwing out your leftovers.

Francia Pena told NBC news that she’s seen bears in her neighboorhood before, but that this was the closest she’s ever been. The video shows the grizzly trying to figure out how to open the pesky bin then later standing atop a fence to examine a nearby tree – possibly looking for a beehive just like our childhood friend, Winnie the Pooh?

Residents who live in bear frequented areas like Altadena, and apparently Pasadena, can request a bear-proof trash can with a new design for an additional charge of $4.84 (64-gallon bin) or $5.26 (96-gallon bin) a month. To find out if you qualify for the “anti-bear piƱata” trash can, call Athens Services at (888) 336-6100.

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