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An Angeleno Wants To Build A Boozy Golf Course But Needs Your Help

The plan is to bring more fun to LA one swing at a time!

By Malia Wooten

Imagine a mini-golf course with booze at every hole! ⛳️

There’s a Kickstarter in the works for Hole 19! – a booze-filled mini-golf bar in the center of Hollywood. Most of the funds have already been provided through private investment, but the project founders are reaching out to the public for help in raising $60,000 more dollars to get them to the finish line!

Already one-quarter of the goal has been raised with only a month left of fundraising. If successful, the nine-hole course will be modeled after a 1920’s British golf club, covered in greenery, woods, and vines, and will allow guests to drink from hole to hole. There will also be a standalone space for drinking after the game as well as food from largely plant-based food trucks. Most of the venue’s brew would come from the vegan-friendly company Modern Times Beer, easily tying together into the Hollywood lifestyle.

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