An Online Debate Leaves Local Popeyes With Hour-Long Lines And Sold Out Supplies

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

An Online Debate Leaves Local Popeyes With Hour-Long Lines And Sold Out Supplies

Popeyes employees are scrambling (all thanks to the internet.)

Waiting in hour-long lines for Popeyes chicken just isn’t a thing here in the city… that is, until recently. There’s a massive chicken sandwich debate going on and Angelenos all across town are trying to get their hands on the Louisiana fried chicken chain’s newest menu item.

To be fair, how could anyone deem which fast food restaurant has the best of the best without trying them all?


A classic and spicy chicken sandwich launched nationwide at all of Popeyes’ 3,000-plus restaurants last week for just $3.99. The recent drop was the company’s biggest product launch in the last 30 years and by the looks of it, it seems to have been a great idea considering the current online war thousands of people are partaking in.

Other fast-food chains are trying to join in on the discussion as well…

But with Popeye’s chicken sandwich being the newest of them all, hundreds of people are flocking to the chicken joint to see if all the hype is even worth it. And according to the numbers (and Twitter)… it seems as if though it could be.

From Hollywood to USC, patrons have been packing themselves into restaurants, clogging up parking lots, and standing in lines with over 45 minute wait times just to get a taste. Multiple locations throughout the city have had to put up signs to let excited customers know that they are all sold out of the most sought after chicken sandwich to date!

If you have any plans to cast your vote for the best fast-food chicken sandwich, you just might have to wait until September…

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