The New York Restaurant That Invented Buffalo Wings Is Opening Up Shop In Anaheim

Looks like you can cancel your flight to Buffalo, New York!

Has the thought of where buffalo wings originated ever came to mind? (No… it’s just us?)

Well – in case you were wondering – the New York-based restaurant who claims to have created the beloved chicken wing combo, called Anchor Bar, is making its way to the West Coast to serve Angelenos with all that OG-finger-licking-goodness. Legend has it that back in 1964, the dive-y local East Coast hang out was the go-to spot in Buffalo and one night, co-owner Teressa Bellissimo whipped up a batch of wings for her son and his friends after they spent the evening drinking. She did her usual thing in the kitchen but on a whim decided to create a new sauce and voilà – the buffalo wing was born!

There isn’t an exact date scheduled for the opening of the restaurant’s Anaheim location, but wing lovers can expect something in late 2019/early 2020! In the meantime, you can catch Anchor Bar serving up buffalo wings galore at the first-ever wing festival to be hosted in L.A. later this month! The Chicken Wing Festival is set to take place on July 29 from 6:30p to 10:30p and will take over the parking lot of Mel’s Drive-In on Sunset Boulevard.

Location: 1547 W Katella Ave, Orange, CA 92867. See it on Google maps.

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