Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Legendary Musicals Will Stream On YouTube For Free

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Legendary Musicals Will Stream On YouTube For Free

Any dream will do. Except this is all real…

Yes, you’ll get to enjoy a dash of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. You’ll get to taste a pinch of Jesus Christ Superstar. And, you’ll even get to experience The Phantom Of The Opera in all its glory. ALL for no cost at all.

Performances will be streamed on the all-new YouTube channel, suitably dubbed The Show Must Go On. We’ve already seen the 1999 showing of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, the film version of the tale that first came to life in 1968, when Andrew Lloyd Webber was just 19. Then we were treated to Jesus Christ Superstar, with the 2012 arena production of the beloved musical. Yesterday (Friday April 17), The Phantom Of The Opera was released, which was recorded in 2011 as part of the show’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The music of the night began at 11am PST time (7pm UK time), and you usually get 48 hours to catch it before they disappear off of the YouTube channel. If you’d like to see a warm-up act, check out Webber’s virtual rendition of “All I Ask Of You”, orchestrated with the help of the internet and group video calls. Give it a watch on YouTube here, it really is quite something.

So, that seems to be enough Andrew Lloyd Webber content to keep you entertained for a while! Who knows, this channel could open up for even more plays in the future, should this lockdown drag on. Keep an eye on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Twitter page for some more video renditions of his arsenal of hit musical-anthems.

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Featured Image: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Instagram