Are You Brave Enough To Try LA’s Spiciest Fried Chicken?

You might want to bring a bottle (or two) of milk with you...

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Are You Brave Enough To Try LA’s Spiciest Fried Chicken?

Spice up your taste buds with some of the hottest chicken in town! 🍗

Nashville Hot Chicken has been around for ages, but the trend just started to pick up here in Los Angeles. Thanks to Chef Johnny Rae Zone and his wife Amanda and their love for hot chicken, Howlin’ Ray’s was brought to life in a small storefront located in Chinatown.

After being introduced to Nashville Hot Chicken and falling head over heels for it, the Zones spent time in Nashville learning about the people, the culture, and the dish itself. The husband and wife team noticed that everyone eating hot chicken was smiling and happy – even while in pain! Seeing how it brought friends, families, and the community together inspired the Zones to bring the authentic product to the west coast.

Open Tuesday – Sunday, you’ll usually be welcomed by a line filled with chicken-lovers alike trying to get their fix. The spice levels of the chicken vary in heat beginning at Country which has no heat and ending with Howlin’ – with a 10++ heat level which uses some of the hottest peppers on the planet! Order a batch if you’re brave enough, but be warned: it will leave you and your mouth in a sweat coma!

Location: 727 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90012. See it on google maps.

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