The California Science Center Opened A New LEGO-Centric Exhibit Called ‘Art Of The Brick’

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The California Science Center Opened A New LEGO-Centric Exhibit Called ‘Art Of The Brick’

A former lawyer’s love for playing with toys landed him a new job… as an artist!

You’re never too old to enjoy some good old fashion playtime. But who would’ve ever guessed that an activity favored by children across the nation would become a creative outlet for a “grown-up”, eventually landing him an art exhibit at the California Science Center? If you too spent your childhood building your own masterpieces with the timeless interlocking plastic bricks, then you’re really gonna get a kick out of The Art of the Brick!

The showcase features over 100 works of art which are all constructed with more than 1 million LEGO pieces! Big-time corporate lawyer Nathan Sawaya would spend his free time “blowing off steam” by experimenting with LEGOs, so much so that he’d eventually leave his firm for a full-time gig messing around with the beloved stackable trinkets.

Photo by: @jamesbrobinson

Since it’s the California Science Center’s mission to inspire curiosity and to encourage science learning, Sawaya’s collection of original sculptures as well as re-imagined versions of some of the world’s most famous masterpieces is the perfect example of science sparking imagination and wonder.

Photo by: @rafaeliniguezjr

Beyond oohing and aahing at a massive T-Rex, life-size dog, and what may Sawaya’s most recognized piece Yellow, museum guests are also encouraged to visit the museum’s nine various activity stations that challenge vistors to create, solve, and design using LEGO bricks.

Photo by: @californiasciencecenter

The Art of the Brick exhibit will remain at the California Science Center through Labor day. Learn more about the LEGO exhibit and ticketing, here!

Location: 700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037. See it on Google maps.

Featured photo: California Science Center

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