Sip Your Way To Savant Status With These Scintillating Wine Tasting Experiences

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Sip Your Way To Savant Status With These Scintillating Wine Tasting Experiences

Five excellent excuses to drink fine wines this year.

Perhaps it’s time to turn that weekly ritual of browsing supermarkets for something that falls under the $10-15 bracket and throwing it back like juice into a more refined art? By art, we mean taking things a step further than a quick swirl, a sniff and exclaiming “mmm…fruity!” after each sip. Evolving your appreciation for grapes involves exploring each wine country with your palate and nose, but knowing where to begin can be a little overwhelming. While you may be compelled to look to Europe for top-grade vino, discovering home-grown reds and whites could be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself this year.

From “sip and cycle” tours in Malibu to deluxe at-home tasting kits, we’ve selected five scintillating wine experiences that will get you a few bottles closer to sommelier status—or at least turn you into a self-proclaimed wine snob.

1. You Can Get A Priority Pass That Gives You Access To Tastings at 400+ West Coast Wineries

Unlock 365 days of elevated wine tasting experiences with a Priority Wine Pass. It effectively turns the next year into an excuse to discover an endless array of wines through tastings, discounts, and special events at 250 wineries in California, 50 wineries in Washington, and 50 wineries in Oregon. Book your pass here.

2. This At-Home Wine Tasting Experience Will Deliver 5 Best-Selling Wines To Your Door

Voluptuary & Lucid Wines will bring bottled sophistication straight to your doorstep. Your “Timeless Tasters” kit includes five of their best-sellers that will impress even the pickiest wine aficionados. It also comes with tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and access to an informational 1-hour tasting video so you can delve into the story behind each wine and become more acquainted with the subtle flavor notes. Book your kit here.

3. There’s A Unique Wine Tasting Experience That Comes With A Delectable Charcuterie Board

Wine is probably the closest thing we have to an elixir of life and every sip can take you on a journey of the senses. This tasting will allow you to try 6 in-season, limited edition wines for you to taste and experience life in 6 different ways paired with hors d’oeuvres! Book your session and allow these pairings to take your palate on a luxurious escape.

4. Sip And Cycle Your Way Through The Malibu Mountains

Discover the breathtaking Santa Monica Mountains while enjoying the fruits of the land. Hop on a beautiful, retro-colored electric-assist bike and ride through the scenery of Saddlerock Ranch with the wind in your hair (if you’re a fast pedaler) and warm California sunshine on your skin. Beyond this sensory feast, the acres of land hold a rich and fascinating 300-year history. It’s also home to a range of exotic animals like zebra, camel, giraffe, llama, alpaca, yak and even highland cows. Find out more here.

5. You Can ‘Zip’n Sip’ Over A Picturesque Vineyard And Sample Delicious Wines At This Historic Ranch

This adrenaline-junkie adventure is taking wine tasting to new heights. Here, you’ll get the rush of soaring above Pinot Noir vines with breathtaking views of the Santa Margarita; then, you’ll get to mull over the experience upon landing at Ancient Peaks Winery on Highway 58. Find out more here.

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