Beverly Hills Is The First City In The U.S. To Ban The Sale Of Tobacco

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Beverly Hills Is The First City In The U.S. To Ban The Sale Of Tobacco

You might want to think twice before pulling out your JUUL while in the 90210.

Beverly Hills became the first city in the nation to end the sale of most tobacco products within its borders. The city council voted unanimously to ban the sale of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco items beginning in 2021. That includes the ban of sales at gas stations and pharmacies, as well as convenience and grocery stores in the area.

However, there is a less convenient way to buy tobacco products; hotels and several plush cigar lounges in the prodigious area do not have to follow the restrictions of the ban. The hotel exemption was designed to accommodate to tourists who would have to have a concierge deliver their smokes and as for the cigar lounges, they’re though to be refuges for the city’s affluent smokers.

The city of Beverly Hills may run into some legal problems seeing as though the ban is being implemented, there are no state or federal laws barring the 90210 from carrying out the ban on tobacco products. Though the legislation seems like a pretty hefty demand, it was introduced to the council because of the skyrocket numbers referring to the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products among minors across the country. Most of these products, like the JUUL, don’t contain tobacco but do contain the addictive substance nicotine and often seem to be marketing towards young people.

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