Black Lives Matter Protest Temporarily Shuts Down Golden Gate Bridge

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

golden gate protest

Traffic came to a grinding halt as protestors marched across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday.

A number of Monumental protests took place in cities around the last weekend and San Francisco was one of them. Thousands filled one side of the bridge as they marched to protest police brutality. The traffic was held off by two trucks in both directions while people crossed into Marin and back to San Francisco. Those walking chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” while those in cars put their hands out their windows and put their fists in the air as they honked in support.

The initial protest took place on the pedestrian lanes but later swelled and police struggled to gain control. At around 2:15 pm traffic warning was issued when northbound traffic was partially blocked off and police officers were redirecting traffic. However, after some negotiations with the police, the march moved off the vehicle lanes shortly after.

This marked the ninth day of demonstrations in the city, as the global movement sparked by George Floyd’s death continues to grow. Other protests happened in the Mission District and other parts of the region that same afternoon all aimed at fighting against racial injustice.

At some point during the march, the crowd dropped to kneel in an emotional pause that lasted 8 minutes and 46 seconds—the amount of time George Floyd’s neck was crushed by the knee of a former officer.

The attendees were from all ages, races and backgrounds with some handing out masks, others taking photos and one even got down on one knee to propose—which the crowd sent the crowd wild. According to ABC, this epic moment was all thanks to a local teen that organized it.

Featured Image: @REDSEASHAWTY

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