What To Do On A Rainy Day In LA

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What To Do On A Rainy Day In LA

It doesn’t rain much in Los Angeles, but when it does… ☔

Sure, people in other cities may wince at the sound of Angelenos complaining about the weather but can you blame us?

Though many of us talk about loving when it rains, the majority of those comments are usually made from the coziest spot on the couch, in pajamas, with a warm cup o’ joe in hand. But once you’re out the comfort of your home, you’ve got to be on high alert -flooding, slippery roads, potholes, and giant palm tree fronds in the middle of the road tend to be our forte.

But rainy days in the city shouldn’t mean having to stay at home to enjoy it. We’ve created a list of what to do on a rainy day in LA so that you enjoy yourselves rain or storm – brace yourselves, Los Angeles!

1. Curl Up In A Cozy Bookstore

Take advantage of this (moderately) chill time in Los Angeles by picking up a book and diving into a world other than your own. Places like The Last Bookstore and Vroman’s Bookstore are classics, but local favorites also include smaller shops like Skylight books or Children’s Book World, if you have little ones tagging along.

2. Explore A Museum

Nowadays, there are more interactive museums than we can keep track. And what better day to spice up your social media presence than a rainy day? Try stopping by one of the many pop-ups in town or stick with something more traditional like checking out the Natural History Museum or The Broad! Did you know that your library card can get you into tons of local museums for free?

3. Take A Cooking Class

At times, trying a new recipe can seem more like a chore than a hobby. And you don’t want to find yourself running back and forth from the store to your home when you find out that you need yet another unheard of ingredient – especially in the rain! Make things easy on yourself by attending a class where you’ll learn how to whip up sushi or homemade pasta.

4. Treat Your Body

Ditch stressing about wild LA drivers in the rain but taking a day to relax and ‘treat yo’self.’ Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and reinvigorated by detoxifying your skin while sweating it out or with in-home hydration and vitamin drips!

5. Have Dinner And A Movie

What’s better than getting comfortable in a Lazyboy chair and having anything you want with a push of a button? Yeah, we’re having a hard time trying to think of something too. Sit back and relax (literally) at one of the few dine-in theaters in Los Angeles. From iPic Theaters, Cinepolis, and the Marina Del Rey AMC – choose to spend your rainy day on a family outing or an adults-only trip to the 21-plus theaters (there’s a private bar with booze!)

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