Forget The ‘Circus’ – A Britney Spears Pop-Up Is In Town And It’s Our ’90s Dreams Come To Life

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Forget The ‘Circus’ – A Britney Spears Pop-Up Is In Town And It’s Our ’90s Dreams Come To Life

Relive every era of the pop star’s musical career!

If you’re not fangirling hardcore right now, are you even human? L.A’s newest pop-up has fans chanting hit me baby, one more time and to be quite honest… it couldn’t be more accurate. The Zone: Britney Spears is an interactive museum that allows fans to relive some of their (and, Britney’s) best moments of the past few decades and we’re so here for it.

The all-Britney-everything pop-up has taken over a former Kmart (Remember those? Things are getting realll nostalgic…) by The Grove shopping center. Fans are invited to explore ten different Spears-themed rooms that celebrate the star’s hit songs, iconic music videos, and legendary outfits over the years. Look forward to major photo ops, interactive displays, and a handful of throwbacks that’ll have you reminiscing on all those moments you belted Britney in the mirror while attempting to belly dance.

“Circus” by @kristinajotii

As you travel through the exhibit hit songs from her catalog blast through speakers giving fans the chance to remember some of the popular choreography — don’t spend too much time trying to get the perfect flick, you’ll be given an RFID-tagged wristband at check-in to scan at different checkpoints. When you scan your wrist, you’ll be able to record videos and take pictures that will be sent directly to your email so that you can brag about your sentimental outing on all of your socials.

“Toxic” by @adaywithbritt

Not only will you get to be front and center of some of the most recognized live performances and music videos of our generation, but you’ll also get the chance to browse through the exemplary outfits she wore in them; some of the pieces are even from the pop star’s personal collection! Though Spears doesn’t have any first-hand involvement with the exhibit, event producer Jeff Delson says that she knows about it and is totally all for the groundbreaking experience!

“I’m A Slave 4 U” by @yogasavvy

Finishing the entire exhibit can take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on how much time you spend taking pictures for all of the “paparazzi.” At the end of your adventure, be sure to head over to the gift shop for a number of Britney merch and collectibles… and yes, you do need that Britney Spears towel.

Tickets for The Zone start at $59.50 and go up in price reaching up to $64.50 during “peak hours”, children under three are free. The Britney Spears pop-up is in town through April 26 with plans to extend its stay if all goes well. In the meantime, be sure to head over before it’s over and we’re back to square one: sending Britney DM’s from the bottom of our broken hearts.

“Baby Hit Me One More Time” courtesy of The Zone

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Today through April 26
$59.50 - $64.50

Featured photo: @gonzovisual

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