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It’s Looking Like SoCal’s Iconic Broguire’s Dairy Farm May Be Shutting Down For Good

By Malia Wooten

Say it ain’t so! Could these be the last days of the iconic Broguire’s Dairy Farm?

The dairy that produces some of Southern California’s most beloved chocolate milk and seasonal eggnog is thinking about shutting down after 100 years of serving locals in the area. The news of the possible shut down came out when retailer Gelson’s Market took to social media to announce that would no longer receive shipments of the famous milk of Broguiere’s Dairy.

This isn’t the first time the dairy has thought of the possibility of shutting its doors for good. The city was thinking of building an overpass in the same area as the dairy a few years back, but the community came together to put a stop to the proposed plan. This specific instance gives Angelenos who have been consuming the farm’s produce as children hope that they can save the dairy from closing once again.

Though it’s looking like the close will be permanent, the glass milk bottles with the beloved slogan “milk so fresh…the cow doesn’t know it’s missing” will still be available at its store at 505. S Maple Avenue for a few more months.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the business got its start in the early 1920s, when French immigrant Ernest Broguiere bought a lemon grove on Maple Avenue, later converting it to a dairy operation after the citrus market proved unprofitable. Back then, a single Holstein and a horse-drawn wagon delivered the glass bottles door-to-door.

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