Ditch Gridlock Hunger Thanks To Burger King’s New Traffic Jam Delivery Service

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Ditch Gridlock Hunger Thanks To Burger King’s New Traffic Jam Delivery Service

Following a successful test run in Mexico City, Burger King plans to deliver whoppers to hungry Angelenos sitting in traffic.

Ever caught yourself in classic bumper-to-bumper action thinking about how hungry you are? Should you add another 30 minutes to your commute by pulling over for some fries? Will you make it home without dying from starvation? How long have that energy bar been sitting in the middle counsel?

The guys over at Burger King feel your pain – having to sit in traffic is one thing, but having to sit in traffic while hungry is straight up torture. That’s why they’ve come up with the genius idea of delivering The Traffic Jam Whopper to hungry Angelenos that (let’s be honest) spend most of their days in a car. According to several reports, the direct-to-car delivery service will use motorcyclists to delivery food to ravenous drivers using real-time data to find Burger King customers while on the road.

All you have to do is order from the Burger King app when you are within a delivery zone, which is roughly a 1.9 radius from the closest Burger King restaurant. Since using your phone while driving is definitely illegal, the app will function using voice commands. Based off of the Mexico City test run, orders are limited to a Whopper combo meal, including fries and a choice of Pepsi or water.

Assuming all goes well, maybe your hour-long commute won’t be all that bad anymore? As BK would say – enjoy the traffic jam!

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