LA’s Secret Sensation ‘Burgers Never Say Die’ Just Opened In Silver Lake

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LA’s Secret Sensation ‘Burgers Never Say Die’ Just Opened In Silver Lake

From backyard to brick and mortar!

The internet sensation, Burgers Never Say Die, which has attracted celebrities, private cooks and a dedicated amount of fans has just moved into a restaurant located at the edge of Silver Lake. Did we mention that the previous location was in a backyard?

Almost two years after the IG post that launched his backyard-business, creator Shawn Nee, is serving long(er) lines under a shop roof that he can call his own. We can only imagine how good it must feel good to finally have an official place to serve all his hungry costumers who would wait in lines that wrapped around his East Hollywood Block.

If you’re a returning customer, you may notice some minor changes to the menu. Don’t worry, the crusty meat edges are still laid on American cheese, but now you can order ripping hot fries and delicious soft serve ice cream. And for all the non-meat-eaters out there, there’s now the Grilled Deece: an inverted-bun grilled cheese that is to die for, no pun intended.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm or sellout. And with the reputation these burgers have in the city, sellout may be a lot sooner than closing time!

Location: 2388 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039. See it on Google maps.

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