The Cabazon Dinosaurs Are Proving Love Is Not Extinct This Valentine’s Day

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The Cabazon Dinosaurs Are Proving Love Is Not Extinct This Valentine’s Day

You can’t miss the 65-foot display of love just off the 10 Freeway!

Love bites, but the World’s Biggest Dinosaurs are making prehistoric Valentine’s traditions irresistible this year. The iconic roadside models in Cabazon have each been given a makeover for the museum’s Celebration of Love. Guests will be welcomed by Mister Rex, donning a tuxedo with a bowtie and a big red heart that reads, “be mine.” Dinny the brontosaurus has been painted pink with a heart on the side with “love” written on it. Meanwhile, the smaller park species each have their own romantic expressions painted over them, like the raptor covered in Sweethearts candy.

Credit: World’s Biggest Dinosaurs

These giant creatures have been stealing the hearts of the locals since 1975 and their cameo in the cult classic Pee-Wee Herman’s Big Adventure not only cemented their place amongst the palms in Cabazon but in pop culture too.

What initially began with two steel-and-concrete dinosaurs to attract diners to a nearby restaurant, has since been transformed into the landmark educational museum it’s known as today. It boasts several restaurants, gift shops and an open-air museum featuring robotic dinosaurs to wander through. On weekends, The Wafflesaurus Truck roams the “habitats” and serves up delicious waffles, ice cream and coffee to hungry visitors.

Credit: World’s Biggest Dinosaurs

Their Celebration of Love will continue through March before a fresh spring theme is introduced. If you do go, make sure you catch the Celebration of Love Nights in Colorful Lights when the trails and gardens turn into an illuminated haven.

Location: 50770 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230, United States

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Featured Image: Cabazon Dinosaurs via Facebook 


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