The Grand Central Market Is Celebrating California Avocado Month Until The End Of June!

Downtown Los Angeles is the place to be this month for all things avocado!

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

The Grand Central Market Is Celebrating California Avocado Month Until The End Of June!

When it comes to avocados, Los Angeles doesn’t play around! You can add the God-given fruit to just about anything knowing that it will enhance whatever it touches. 🥑🥑🥑

Given how much we pay in extra charges to add it to our meals, it comes to no surprise that The Grand Central Market in DTLA and its group of chefs are dishing out avocado inspired offerings until June 30th. So if you’re looking for something to satisfy your avocado fix, head over and try one of the seven (or all, we’re not judging) diverse entrees being served before they’re gone!

DTLA Cheese: California Avocado Green Gazpacho, $7.00

When thinking of a summertime appetizer, DTLA Cheese has come up with the perfect idea! Putting an L.A. spin on the Spanish entree, the restaurant combines grapes, avocado, and almonds for its well-balanced “green” version. Topped with chili pepper, pickled cabbage, pepitas, tomatillo, cilantro and Capriole goat cheese, the combo will feel so light that you might have to hop back in line for seconds.

Sari Sari Store: Chicken Adobo and California Avocado Fried Rice, $7.00

Adding not one, but two avocado dishes to the menu, the Sari Sari Store is boosting the flavor of it’s traditional Filipino cuisine. The first meal decked out with avocado is to their chicken adobo which consists of chicken marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and black peppercorns. For their second turned-green meal, Sari Sari adds a dessert to the menu serving up an avocado slush which is basically like an avocado milkshake!

Golden Road Brewing Company: California Avocado Mashed Potatoe Skins, $8.00 for 4

Chase down a cold beer while snacking on Golden Road Brewing Company‘s newest menu item: avocado mashed potato skins! Combining two of the best things in this world into one dish, GRBC serves mashed potatoes on top of cheesy potato skins that are loaded with smashed avocado, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, bacon and white cheddar.

Ramen Hood: Spicy California Avocado Beet Crisps (vegan), $5.00 for a plate of 4

Though this dish is vegan and gluten-free, it sure doesn’t taste like it! Ramen Hood‘s Korean-Indian inspired spicy California avocado beat crips embody the same flavor as spicy tuna, making the avocado mousse it’s topped with the perfect inventive combination.

Prawn Coastal: California Avocado Shrimp Cocktail, $6.50

Shrimp cocktails aren’t usually as creative as Prawn Coastal‘s avocado-edition. The shrimp are seasoned in their signature Cleveland rub which consists of salt, pepper, chipotle, paprika, allspice and clove. The spiced prawns sit atop of Napa cabbage with tossed in scallions, oregano vinaigrette, pickled carrots and onions and avocado of course.

Olio Wood Fired Pizza: Shakshuka Bialy Pizza with California Avocado, $8.49

Avocado on pizza is always a good idea. At Olio Wood Fired Pizza the Turkish-inspired recipe is made with an organic bialy dough and is topped with a shakshuka sauce consisting of tomatoes, cumin, cayenne, red peppers, and paprika. The dish also includes garlic yogurt, avocado, pine nuts, freeze-dried mint, sumac and Turkish Aleppo chilis.

Horse Thief BBQ: Brisket Sandwich with smoke California Avocado Relish, $16.00

You’ll surely get a bang for your buck with Horse Thief BBQ‘s action-packed brisket sandwich! Within roasted brisket and sesame buns, smoked California avocado relish, avocados, creme fraiche and cotija cheese pile high and contribute to the several elements that make this meal one-of-a-kind.

Location: 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013. See it on Google maps.

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