Health Officials Advise Canceling Or Postponing Events That Include 250 People Or More

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Health Officials Advise Canceling Or Postponing Events That Include 250 People Or More

The California Health Department of Public Health has implemented this new policy in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As of Wednesday night, California health officials have updated the state’s policy on large gatherings. The new statewide policy suggests that events expecting 250 or more people, should cancel or postpone to assist in slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus. The policy change is expected to be in place through the end of March.

According to a statement that was released with the policy change, the ‘show can still go on’ for smaller events and non-essential gatherings as long as the organizers can implement social distancing of six feet per person. It’s also advised that gatherings of people who pose a higher risk of contracting a severe illness from CVOID-19, should be limited to no more than 10 people. In the statement, Governor Gavin Newsom reminds locals that “changing our actions for a short period of time will save the life of one or more people you know.”

“That’s the choice before us. Each of us has extraordinary power to slow the spread of this disease. Not holding that concert or community event can have cascading effects — saving dozens of lives and preserving critical health care resources that your family may need a month from now. The people in our lives who are most at-risk – seniors and those with underlying health conditions — are depending on all of us to make the right choice,” says Newsom.

Major events like the red carpet premiere of the new James Bond installment: No Time To Die, music festivals such as Coachella and Stagecoach, as well as popular conventions like DragCon 2020, have all been postponed amid coronavirus concerns.

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