CBS Is Reportedly Selling Their Fairfax Lot To Hackman Capital For Over $700 Million

By Malia Wooten

The Fairfax Studio campus is where iconic shows like Late Night With James Corden and The Price Is Right are currently produced! 📺

Developer Hackman Capital is in the process of purchasing the CBS Television Studios located on Fairfax according to the Los Angeles Times. Hackman, the Los Angeles based development company, has a handful of large-scale and high-profile projects under its belt right now like Culver Studios and Amazon.

The deal isn’t complete, but it’s said to be somewhere around $700 million dollars. CBS is expected to stay at the iconic campus for some time after the sale goes through, but their next situation is unknown as of right now.

Since the property was awarded landmark status earlier this year, its designation means that the most historic and architecturally significant part of the complex has to be preserved.

Now is your chance L.A., try your best to catch a live taping while CBS is still on Fairfax Avenue. Sites like on-camera-audiences.com as well as CBS’ home page, allow fans to sign up for a chance to go on set for the day!