You May Be Able To Buy Chic-fil-A’s Addicting Sauce By The Bottle Later This Year

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You May Be Able To Buy Chic-fil-A’s Addicting Sauce By The Bottle Later This Year

If all goes well…

The days of hoarding leftover sauce packets will soon be behind us since the popular fast-food chain has plans to bring its famous sauce to grocery stores for the first time ever! The cherished chicken joint is in the works of distributing 16-ounce bottles of its signature Chic-fil-A and Polynesian sauces across all Target, Publix, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie stores in Flordia beginning in April.

Why not California, you ask?

The sauce allocation is a piolet program to see how they’d perform in the retail market. Select Chic-fil-A restaurants in Florida are also expected to serve the 16-ounce bottles, as well as 8-ounce bottles of other sought-out dipping pleasures such as Barbeque, Honey Mustard and Garden Herb Ranch. The bottled sauces would sell for around $3.49. Apparently, 100 percent of the profits made from the sauces will be donated to the Chick-fil-A Remarkable Futures Scholarship Initiative, which will award $17 million in scholarships to 6,700 restaurant team members this year.

So, there you have it! Assuming that the people of Florida are as addicted to Chic-fil-A and their iconic sauces as we are, we can cross our fingers and hope for the arrival of bottled sauces in California later this summer. Because come on, imagine an ideal world where you could drizzle the perfect combination of BBQ sauce and honey mustard on just about anything without having to rummage in a drawer of random condiments.

Featured photo: Chic-fil-A

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