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A Cinnamon Coca-Cola Will Hit The Shelves Just In Time To Spike All Your Holiday Drinks

By Malia Wooten

Jack and cinnamon coke? Don’t mind if I do!

As summer comes to an end and fall quickly creeps upon us, seasonal treats are already starting to surface the shelves at our local grocery stores. From pumpkin spiced-SPAM to seasonally scented cleaning products – we’re probably going to see a little bit of everything in the upcoming months.

But there’s one seasonal treat in particular that we’re not mad about, to be honest…

Coca-Cola is releasing a holiday six-pack this year and we’re actually excited about this one (think of all the boozy concoctions you can make!) The festive carbonated drink was first sold in the UK last year and, by the looks of it, was such a hit that the company decided to roll it out US-wide next.

Those anxious about spending prolonged hours with the family will be able to spike their cinnamon-flavored soda beginning September 30. If Coca-Cola isn’t necessarily your thing, the company will also be marketing a Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite this fall. Both seasonal sodas will be available through December 30, so if you decide that you want to drinks these bad boys year-round, you might want to stock up!

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