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Dunkin’ Is Selling Cookie Dough & Brownie Batter Filled Donuts For V-Day

By Malia Wooten

Ditch that cheap box of chocolates – give your sweetheart one the sweetest gifts possible, literally! ❤️

Single, in a relationship, who cares – all we know is that there is nothing on this planet that can stop you from getting your hands on a Dunkin’ Donuts Double Filled Donut! (Besides them being sold out.)

The doughnut chain is celebrating couples coming together by pairing the world’s most beloved sweets: cookie dough and brownie batter! The best part? It comes with double the amount of filling than a regular donut does. So if a doughnut made of brownie batter-flavored buttercream filling, cookie dough-flavored filling, chocolate icing, and crumbled pie topping doesn’t make you feel like you have a cavity just by reading it – you’ll probably want to head on over to a local shop near you before the promotion is over.