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7 Glorious Frozen Treats You Can Have Delivered In L.A. Right Now

By Ashlyn Davis April 26, 2020

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Here are a few delicious ways to deal with the heat.

The temperatures are soaring and so is the desire to dive straight into the ocean or cannonball into the nearest pool. But with most beaches closed and pools not being a feature in every home, the next best thing you can do is plunge straight into a sweet, heavenly frozen dessert.

Here’s are some delectable menu items you can have delivered in L.A. right now.

1. Queens’ Coffee, Coolhaus

Because coffee is essential but also unthinkable in the heat. So why not make is a frozen frappuccino? This flavor is a treat that’s worth the splurge—but so are many of the other options like Brown Butter Ice Cream, Cinnamon Sugar Churro Dough, Chocolate Chip Swirl, or Midnight Munchies. Plus they have a cute adult ice-cream truck that also doubles up as a bodega.

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2. Ginger Lemon Poppy Seed Crumble, Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen went from a humble ice cream truck to becoming a frozen dessert empire. And that’s simply because it creates wildly exciting flavors for every palate and every dietary requirement. Even if you aren’t vegan, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not trying the Honeycomb Pint, Ginger Lemon Poppy Seed Crumble or Pistachio Pint. Tubs cost around $10 each.

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3. Dairy-Free Vanilla Coconut Pint (with homemade marshmallows), Sweet Rose Creamery

It would be hard to find something as creamy with absolutely no cream. Sweet Rose is known for those gorgeous scoops of color perched atop crunchy cones, but a pint of the vanilla coconut will go down just as quickly.

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4. Cannabis-infused Oreo Cookie Rush Ice Cream, Angel Haus

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Angel Haus

Angel Haus Creamery adds indulgent chunks of Oreo to their very own, cannabis-infused “Vanilla Angel” ice cream. This is the mad sugar rush with all the chill you need for a weekend scorcher.

Order online or text your orders to (213) 810-7991

5. Ube Softserve Pie (Vegan), Magpies Softserve

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Magpie Softserve

Take full advantage of the fact that no one is going to see you in anything other than sweats for the next few weeks with this ice cream pie. That’s right, a whole pie of delicious Ube Softserve to keep you cool this week—or however long it lasts.

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6. Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Milk Bar

Sweet swirls that are made with the famous Cereal Milk that’s made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and a pinch of salt. It’s basically the ultra-delicious frozen incarnation of the bottom of your Cornflakes cereal bowl.

Order online through various services. 

7. Nieves De Leche, La Michoacan

Anything from here is a full-blown flavor festival and it’s the best way to cool off and treat yourself.  Choose from a whole range of yummy scoops and don’t look back.

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Featured Image: La Michoacan