Disneyland Is Selling A Funnel Cake Covered In Hot Cheetos And It’s… Interesting

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Disneyland Is Selling A Funnel Cake Covered In Hot Cheetos And It’s… Interesting

The question is… can you truly just throw Hot Cheetos on anything?

As of late, Disneyland has been known to roll out some of the best tasting and most creative looking snacks in the game. From Starwars-themed cocktails to food items you’ve straight up seen on the Pixar big screen, for the most part, these Instagrammable treats taste as cool as they look.

Not shy to hop on the “TREND” train, the iconic theme park has put their own spin on a family favorite! Head on over to Critter Country where the Splash mountain lines are long and the Hot Cheeto covered funnel cakes are plentiful. Yup, the Hungry Bear restaurant is whipping up something called the Sizzlin’ Hot Funnel Cake – a sweet funnel cake covered in a savory orange cheese sauce and topped with crushed up Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Though the reviews seem to be pretty mixed – if Hot Cheetos are your thing, you may find this rather unusual “dessert” to your liking.

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@disneyland #hungrybearrestaurant Sizzlin Hot #FunnelCake. YES!!! Your mind and body will tell you no, but go for it. It’s a strange and interesting combo, but it works! We’re already craving for it again. 🤤🔥 . . . . . Another great recommendation from @disneyhungry and @firstcomesdisney #foodiesforthesoul #foodie #disneyside #disneyfan #foodofinstagram #instafood #foodies #goodeats #foodlover #foodlovers #disneygram #eatingfortheinsta #disneyparks #instadisney #magickingdom #discoverla #ocfoodies #happiestplaceonearth #disney #disneyeats #disneyfood #disneylife #foodsofdisneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #flaminhot #flaminhotcheetos #flaminghotcheetos #disneyland

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“This funnel cake was weird, to say the least,” Walt Disney World News Today wrote in its review. “It wasn’t bad, exactly, but pairing funnel cake with cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is a strange combination. It did taste pretty gross once it cooled down, though, so we advise trying to eat this while it’s still warm.”

However, another theme park goer took to Instagram to post: “I know it sounds and looks weird but pretty good! Something interesting for a foodie to try. I enjoyed it though my stomach wasn’t as a big a fan.”

Ultimately, everyone’s taste buds are different. You’ll just have to decide whether or not you’re willing to shed out $7.99!

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