A Brooklyn-Based DJ Remixed One Of Cardi B’s Instagram Posts And Now It’s A Top-Charting Hit

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A Brooklyn-Based DJ Remixed One Of Cardi B’s Instagram Posts And Now It’s A Top-Charting Hit

“Coronavirus… sh*t is getting real!”

With many people turning to memes and TikToks for some relief amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, it’s expected that a bunch of “viral content” will be on the rise in the upcoming weeks. But what we didn’t see coming was a new Cardi B song about COVID-19.

Cardi B is known to take to her Instagram account to address everything from personal issues to political opinions, and though she often talks about controversial topics, she always manages to crack a joke to lighten the mood. Last week, Cardi recorded herself speaking about the global pandemic commenting that things were “getting real” before the twerk-walking off camera.

It wasn’t long before someone on the internet “borrowed” her bold expression and remixed it into a song. A 29-year-old producer and DJ that goes by the name Dj IMarkkeyz has an online reputation of taking memes and turning them into 60-second song clips, however, his latest remix is what really captured the attention of people around the world. The Brooklyn-based DJ apparently already had a beat that he felt rapper Cardi B’s hit line would be perfect for.

The new Coronavirus dance track is available on iTunes and has risen to the #9 spot on the overall iTunes U.S. songs chart since its initial upload on Friday the 13th. People have been flocking to various social media platforms to create dances and clips of their own, with even Cardi B herself catching light on her voice’s viral takeover.

So there you have it, folks… anything is possible when people are bored enough. But before you go running to your favorite celebrity’s IG to make the next quarantine-hit-wonder — be sure to brush up on the constantly evolving copyright laws!

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