This App Made For Foodies Grants You Access To (Free) Off The Menu Items At Restaurants

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This App Made For Foodies Grants You Access To (Free) Off The Menu Items At Restaurants

Two words: free food…

At this point, animal style fries and leg lovers meals are so mainstream they shouldn’t even be on the secret menu anymore. What if we told you that there’s an app out there which grants you access to seven different dishes a week and doesn’t require you to wait in line at a fast food restaurant?

Previous restaurants featured on the app include Yeastie boys, Prince St. Pizza, Cassells Hamburgers, Daves Hot Chicken, and Nice Guy!

Off The Menu is an app made exclusively for foodies who aren’t – how could we best describe it – basic. For the low price of $20 dollars, your monthly subscription to the most appetizing club of the century includes access to one secret, off the menu dish which can be redeemed once a day. When you think about it… that averages out to about 66 cents every time you grab a bite for the entire month! Whether you’re taking up the hobby of dining at reputable restaurants in the city or just looking to save a few bucks on date night, OTM is one of those subscriptions that you’ll never regret signing up for.

Grab a quick bite before heading out or a free dessert after dinner!

The secret menu options alternate every Sunday, giving you the chance to try something new every week! And in addition to an endless stream of deliciously intriguing menu items, your membership comes with a bunch of perks like invites to private events and pop-ups as well as a number of hard-to-beat discounts. To be honest, can you really call yourself a foodie if you’re not on this app?

Use the code ‘scrt’ for $10 dollars off your first month! Download the app, here!

The offer is limited to the first 100 people so don’t wait.

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