Yosemite Just Experienced A “Clash Of The Seasons” And The Photos Are Utterly Breathtaking

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yosemite snowliage

Yosemite’s forecast for the week? Snow with a chance of vivid fall foliage!

It’s no secret that Angelenos have a small obsession with experiencing the stunning fall spectrum of yellow, reds, and oranges, with just a few places in these sunny parts reflecting the seasonal change in all its glory. Last week, however, Yosemite National fall collide with snow, delivering an incredible display of bright colors covered in a blanket of powder-white snow. This visual kaleidoscope is referred to as “snowliage” and the phenomenon only tends to last for a brief period of time before the leaves fade.

After a tumultuous year of pandemics and politics, it seems nature is reclaiming the stage once again. L.A. has already seen some spectacularly timed occurrences like the “weather whiplash” during election week followed by a rare double rainbow.

There’s no denying the boundless beauty the park has to offer any day of the year, but the white snow canvas brings the vividness of the leaves to a whole new level that can only be expressed with images. So we’ll let these snaps from lucky visitors and officials do all the talking.

A bear was spotted enjoying the “Clash Of The Seasons” before going into hibernation— and probably looking for some last-minute snacks too.

Photographer Marcin Zarjac captured the orange leaves perfectly preserved in the frozen river.

Red and auburn hues reflected off the still waters creating a jaw-dropping kaleidoscope of autumnal colors.

Okay, we’re officially craving a cabin getaway right about now.

Naturally, photographers flocked to capture the moment, so while it’s not advised to travel you can still indulge in seasonal scrolling across social media.

[Featured Image: @Neohumanity via Twitter]

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