Fever’s Black Friday Sale: 30% Off Flying Lessons, Luxury Sailing, Zip-lining, & More!

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Fever’s Black Friday Sale: 30% Off Flying Lessons, Luxury Sailing, Zip-lining, & More!

Enjoy 30% off selected Fever plans for not one, but three days!

Los Angeles is an expensive city – that’s why when word hits town about a good deal, we’re all over it. Fever is offering the ultimate discount on some of the hottest events in the city! SO ditch the idea of standing in line for hours for that shirt that’s probably going to tear in the wash any way. This Black Friday, don’t throw your money away, spend it on experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.


Fever has something that everyone will enjoy, take a look!


Something for the thrill-seeker…

Whether you’re taking a stab at your Bucket List or living out a childhood fantasy, see Southern California from a breathtaking angle! Choose between learning to fly the plane with an instructor or just kicking back and soaring through the clouds.

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Something for the gamer…

This isn’t your average game tournament! Game On features competitive gaming on a massive projector with commentary by a panel of comedians at the Downtown Independent theater in DTLA – this month’s tournament game is Dragon Ball FighterZ!

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Something for the day-dreamer…

Great views, the sea and gourmet cuisine. Experience the Mediterranean lifestyle in LA during a private 3-hour sail on The Old Plank Luxury Boat.

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Something for the eater…

Welcome to a new food experience where you’ll learn to cook from scratch, tickle your taste buds and leave with a full belly – all for the same price as dining at a restaurant!

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Something for the dancer…

Feel like your on a night out in Mexico with an evening of music that’ll get you ready to fiesta in addition to a mouthwatering menu! The famed iX Tapa Cantina’s lively one-hour mariachi show features a rotating lineup of some of the best musicians and ensembles in the country.

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Something for the adventurer…

This is your chance to soar 300 ft. above ground for an exhilarating zip lining experience. Travel across Buford Canyon at speeds up to 55 mph in the air as you explore over 9 different zip lines, all with amazing views.

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Something for the smoker…

Hop on a bus tour around LA that will open your eyes to new spots dedicated to everything 420! Stop by some of the dopest shops in town and finish your tour by munching on some hot dogs from one of LA’s most loved fast food joints!

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