5 Foods That Always Taste Better At Home

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

5 Foods That Always Taste Better At Home

Eating out, without the hassle.

How is it that takeout orders somehow taste better than dining in? Maybe it has something to do with not having to change out of your pajama pants or enjoying two meals for the price of one (hello, leftovers!)

According to the Institute of Food Technologies, after your food is made, chemical reactions that produce more and/or new flavor molecules continue to take place. Yup — the unfinished lasagna that’s sitting in the fridge is only getting better by day.

Whatever the exact reasoning may be, Los Angeles is filled with a number of amazing restaurants that offer delivery or have partnered with a service like Postmates or DoorDash. If you’re thinking of ordering in for your next meal, we’ve created a list of foods that always taste great to-go!


Pizza has been a staple ‘morning after’ food since the days of childhood sleepovers. There are two types of people in this world: those that enjoy eating pizza while it’s hot and those who prefer biting into cold slices fresh out of the fridge. Regardless, nothing beats diving into a pie in the comfort of your home.


Netflix and pasta is more like it. Sure you can easily make a batch of this carb-loaded delight yourself, but why not enjoy the pleasures of Jon & Vinny’s miracles-in-a-bowl while getting to binge an as equally addicting season of Love is Blind? It’s the ultimate win-win situation.


Devouring a warm bowl of curry while snuggled in a fort of blankets on the coach feels almost as comforting as a Mom hug. Finishing an entire serving at the restaurant is pretty unlikely and having to ask for a doggy bag to bring home is so much work, #millenialproblems. Meal-prep hack: order tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch for takeout.

Chinese Food

Chinese food has been the go-to ‘to-go food’ for decades; it should be stapled a night-in classic at this point. Chinese restaurants usually serve large portions due to their ‘family-style’ nature, so you’re basically signing up for a few days of getting to relax in your favorite pair of sweats instead of cooking.


Comfort food = soup of any kind. Diving into L.A. soup culture is like settling on a movie to stream – there are so many options to choose from. There’s Matzo Ball Soup, Pho, Ramen, Greek Lemon Chicken… seriously the list goes on! The best part about ordering a bowl of happiness right to your front door is getting to cozy up at home.

Pro tip: if you’re ordering soup that comes with noodles, you’ll most likely get them on the side (apart from your broth.) Serve yourself in portions just in case you have leftovers and don’t prefer soggy noods.

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