You Can Foster Fur Babies Who Live In L.A. Shelters Over The Holidays

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

You Can Foster Fur Babies Who Live In L.A. Shelters  Over The Holidays

Los Angeles shelters are offering Angelenos short-term fostering privileges.

Open your home to a fur baby in need this holiday season! Animal shelters across town are launching a short-term foster companion program that will help socialize the animals and potentially better their chance for adoption.

Angelenos can foster for just a few hours or extend the stay to a couple of weeks. If you plan on taking a pet for just a few hours, it’s referred to as a furry field trip and there will be pre-selected animals to choose from. Animal Services hopes that the new program will help them win some of the $55,000 in grants being offered by Maddie’s Fund to organizations with short-term fostering.

L.A. Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette says that “even if you only spend a few hours with one of our pets on a Furry Field Trip, the socialization and love that you provide can make a huge difference in helping companion animals find loving homes.”

We don’t know about you the thought of bringing a four-legged friend home for the holidays seems like a dream come true, and who knows – you may just find your new best friend! Do something for the greater good and help an animal in need.

To get involved, fill out a foster application here!

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