You Can Finally Catch A Break From Those Pesky L.A. Parking Tickets

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You Can Finally Catch A Break From Those Pesky L.A. Parking Tickets

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced several temporary changes to parking violations.

Mayor Garcetti took to the public to announce that the last thing that Angelenos need to be stressing out about right now, is moving their cars for street cleaning. More people staying home results in more parked cars filling the city streets. And there’s no denying that L.A. is infamous for strict parking enforcements and handing out tickets for just about anything… What do you mean we can’t park on the left side of the street from 2 a.m. to 6 p.m.?

During the press conference, Garcetti announced that the city will not be collecting fines or issuing parking tickets for at least the next two weeks. The city also has plans to freeze all fine increases as well as extend all payment deadlines through June 1. But don’t get too excited, metered parking will continue to be enforced.

Have a look at other measures that will be taken, below:

– Parents or caregivers who are picking up food around schools will not be ticketed
– Tickets for street sweeping violations will not be issued
– Ticketing and towing on abandoned vehicles, oversized overnight parking, and peak-hour restrictions will be halted
– People picking up or dropping off groceries or other items will be given a grace period in regards to parking

Watch the full annoucement, here!

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