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‘Friends’ Is Leaving Netflix In 2019 & The Internet Is Not Having It!

By Malia Wooten December 3, 2018

Looks like we know what we’re doing for the next four weeks…

Though everyone has probably rewatched the series over five (or in actuality, 30) times – it still comes as devastating news to find out that Netflix has announced that after a four-year run, the beloved sitcom will expire on the streaming service on January 1, 2019.

As you can probably imagine, the people of the internet are losing their sh*t!

Word on the street is that the NBC sitcom which ran for 10 seasons is receiving a few offers from multiple streaming services after the announcement. Hulu has been making aggressive bids to become the new streaming-home of shows like Boy Meets World, 30 rock, Seinfeld, and The Gold Girls! Additionally, Warner Brothers – the original studio behind Friends – is planning on launching their own streaming service under owners, AT&T.

We’re not crying…

Our eyes are just burning from staring at back-to-back episodes for too long! 😭