The One Where Los Angeles Gets A “Friends”-Themed Brunch This Spring

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The One Where Los Angeles Gets A “Friends”-Themed Brunch This Spring

Re-runs and mimomsas all while surrounded by your best pals… are we dreaming?

If you love the iconic T.V. about six friends spending their 20s in a city they definitely can’t afford to live in, you’re going to want to reserve your tickets to The Brunch Club’s FRIENDS-themed bunch… like, right now. On May 17, devoted fans will have the chance to relive their best memories because a brunch pop-up called The One Where They All Went For Brunch is making its way to the City of Angels!

The organization promises that the shindig will be filled with plenty of nostalgic gestures, activities, and of course, mimosas. Test your knowledge during Friends-focused trivia and charades or spend your time going all out in the costume competition (finally – an opportunity to break out those leather pants!) We’re not exactly sure what food will be served, but the press release assures us that Rachel’s infamous shepherds pie won’t be making the cut.

The sessions and address are assumed to be released at a later date closer to the event, but fanatics of the popular sitcom are encouraged to register for tickets beforehand, at no cost. The themed brunch has plans of launching in Denver sometime this month, with plans to hop on over to New York later this summer.

So hit up the Joey to your Chandler and be sure to break out your ‘Thanksgiving pants’, just to be safe!

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