California Now Has The Highest Prices In The Nation Thanks To The New Gas Tax

By Malia Wooten

California will soon have the highest prices in the country thanks to the new gas tax.

If you’re one of the 3.5 million Southern California residents that plan on traveling by car this July 4th holiday weekend, we hate to be the bearer of bad news… a “fuel tax” will be tacked onto our bill so that the city can pay for its much-needed road repairs, upgrades to transit and road infrastructure. The measure is expected to bring in over $50 billion in state revenue over the next decade.

Beginning July 1, the statewide tax will rise your local prices by 6-cents-per-gallon, bringing the total gas tax in California to 61.8 cents a gallon. We’re officially the highest paying car owners in the nation folks! Voters in California had the option to repeal the gas tax last November, but by the looks of it, not enough people declined to do so.

The average price for gasoline statewide now is just over $4 dollars… so hopefully, this new tax truly leads to better public transportation because we’re on the verge of ditching our cars overall.

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