‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Fans Bought A Billboard Next To Disneyland For James Gunn

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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Fans Bought A Billboard Next To Disneyland For James Gunn

Remember when your mom warned you to be careful of what you post because the internet is forever? 🌌

James Gunn sure could have used Mom’s advice but unfortunately, it’s a bit late. The writer-director was recently fired by Disney after a series of offensive tweets from his past resurfaced.

Fans of the Marvel series believe that Gunn deserves a second chance managing to pool together money through a GoFundMe campaign. In just one month, over $5,000 was donated to help land a digital billboard next to Disneyland advocating the rehiring of James Gunn.

Passers-by stop to take pictures with the billboard which is located four miles from the park off the 22 Eastbound Freeway near the Harbor Boulevard exit.

The Rehire James Gunn, Giuseppe “Gio” Cincinnato, said that they almost closed a deal next to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida as well but the billboard company backed out last minute. They wanted to avoid possible retaliation from Disney considering the revenue they get because of them.

Convincing Disney to change their minds isn’t the only thing keeping devoted fans like Cicinnato busy. The plan is to follow Gunn through his moves in Hollywood which include a horror film by Sony and the sequel to Marvel’s competitor universe, Suicide Squad à la DC Comics!

[Photos: RehireJamesGunn.com/Mitch G.]

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