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Gucci Launched Its First U.S. Restaurant Above The Iconic Rodeo Drive Shop • Gucci Osteria

By Malia Wooten

GGs on your shirt, and… in your belly?

You won’t actually be eating anything from the high-end fashion line but Gucci’s first, and only, restaurant in the States will be serving the closest thing to it. Gucci Osteria opened its doors above the popular Rodeo Drive location in Beverly Hills this week and let us just say, the menu looks just as impressive as their latest collection. [Featured photo: @gucci]

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Three-Michelin-starred chef Mossimo Bottura is taking the lead when it comes to cuisine at this Italian gem, so expect a number of his signature tortellini and pizza-inspired risotto dishes as well as California-inspired plates with an “Italian touch.” Though he won’t physically be making the move to the West Coast, he’s relocated some of the best people from his team in Florance; the on-site Chef, Mattia Agazzi, has already begun to create dishes sparked by his move to the City of Stars.

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But, let’s be real… the food is only half the reason locals, tourists, and hypebeasts alike will be flocking to the most expensive shopping district in L.A. When it comes to the ambiance and decor, the osteria screams opulence and class leaving you to second guess your design takes in your own kitchen. From silk-lined booths to and marble tables to chinaware that echos the iconic trademark, Burrtura truly has not left one imported Italian tile unturned.

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We don’t know about you, but we’re saving our next few paychecks so that our outfit can match our dinner…

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