Your Guide To Finding All Six Don Julio Cocktails Inside Of The House Of Spirits

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Your Guide To Finding All Six Don Julio Cocktails Inside Of The House Of Spirits

You may have heard about the ominous spirits taking over a historic mansion in L.A…

The bravest Angelenos have been invited to a sinister cocktail soiree somewhere hidden in a historic neighborhood within the city. We’ve heard that there’s a doorway to another portal inside of the house – and we don’t know about you, but exploring the ‘depths of dark realities’ may require the help of other spirits of sorts to help shake off those menacing jitters.

Luckily, adventurous guests will be able to savor the taste of reality at a number of bars placed throughout different rooms of the house. But we must warn you to beware of the eerie hosts who may be lurking in the darkness… Here’s a guide to help you find all six Don Julio cocktails inside of the House of Spirits.

Foyer Enterance

Start off the evening with a cocktail that will ease your heart from racing. The evening begins with a glass of Salud, a drink made with Don Julio tequila, rosé, and a grapefruit. Be sure to hold on to your drink tightly, you never know who may have followed you in.

Oujia Room

It’s as if your teenage sleepovers are coming back to haunt you – the ouija room is twice the size that you remember it and it may just answer a few curiosities you may have kept inside. Before you begin conjuring up spirits, head over to the bar for some boos of your own with a Black Magic Margarita.

“Living” Room

Is it still called a living room when everyone in the house is dea… Let’s just save that question for another ouija board session. In the meantime, try your best to get cozy by the eerie fireplace with a Taste of Fall. The delightful blend of allspice, dram, lemon, peach, and cinnamon is Don Julio’s best attempt of helping remind you of your happy place.

Dining Room

Despite all the tricks that happen to take place throughout the evening, The Delmont may be the House of Spirits’ best treat. The comforting blend of strawberry and lemon may just be sweet enough to keep you distracted from the otherworldly party guests who have been dying to have company.

Sun Room

The only thing remotely bright about this room is the Magpie (and we’re not talking about the creature that wallows in the darkness of the basement.) Convince yourself that everything will be fine by allowing the tastes of passionfruit, lime, agave, grapefruit, and Don Julio tequila to wash over you.

Back Room

When you feel as though there aren’t any more places to hide, try your best to muster up the courage to explore the complexities of what lies below the floors of the mansion. Confront your worst fears with an order of Goya’s Ghost – a spicy blend of ginger, black currant, and orange bitters. Sip up before heading down to the basement of the unknown… Good luck!

Visit the House of Spirits through November 3rd!
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