Harry Potter Fans In The Market For A Road Trip Can Hop Aboard A Wine-Fueled Murder Mystery Train Ride

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Harry Potter Fans In The Market For A Road Trip Can Hop Aboard A Wine-Fueled Murder Mystery Train Ride

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As we’ve reported before, nothing sets the tone quite like a combination of Napa Valley wine, vintage train rides, and a bit of murder mystery. Throw anything related to Harry Potter in the mix, and you’re pretty much asking for fans from around the world to show up on your doorstep.

The Napa Valley Wine Train is hosting a series of wine-fueled murder mystery rides this year and there are a few “trips” on the line-up that may be of interest to fans of wizardry. We can only assume that rides titled “Wizards and Witches” are intended to tickle the fancy of those infatuated with the genre.

During the event, guests are encouraged to find the culprit by observing the suspects as wells as the events that take place throughout the evening. Apparently there will be a number of things happening around you so you may not be able to catch every clue, but feel free to questions the characters to deduce what really happened. Oh, and don’t forget to sport your favorite witch hat or wizard robe!

Photo by: @themurdermysterycompany

The Wizards and Witches-themed rides take place over the course of two days in October – the 17th and 24th – but sessions tend to sell out fast! The company is also hosting a handful of other themed rides including Totally 80s Totally Murder, ‘Till Death Do Us Part, and even an Agatha Chrisite-themed murder mystery rides: Crime and Punishment. Tickets range anywhere from $230 to $290 depending on the show and include a multiple course gourmet meal as well as the choice to pair your appetite for justice with a smooth pinot noir.

Experience the thrills of all the book and film plots you’ve always promised you were too smart to fall into! Check out the full line-up of shows and reserve your spot, here.

Featured photo: @themurdermysterycompany

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