L.A.’s Haunted Hayride Is Bringing You A Spooky ‘Drive-Up’ Experience

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

L.A.’s Haunted Hayride Is Bringing You A Spooky ‘Drive-Up’ Experience

Drive-throughs—or ‘drive-ups’—are resurrecting our Halloween in L.A.

Like everything else this summer, events are being saved by the drive-through (or ‘drive-up’) model. And the Haunted Hayride is no exception. This year the producers of one of L.A.’s beloved holiday events are bringing you a trail of thrills to experience from the safety of your car. Tickets for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride: Live Drive Up Experience are already on sale and can be bought here.

Much like the highly-anticipated Stranger Things ‘drive-into’ experience, organizers insist this is no drive-in or drive-through. Instead, this series of creepy scenes will combine the best of both worlds in a unique ‘drive-up’ format. From September 25 to November 1, you’ll be able to journey into the darkness of “All Hallows Lane”. You’ll ride through various scare zones filled with all the exciting Hayride Haunted horrors you’ve come to know and love.

During your hour-long experience, you’ll be treated to a show on an “original multimedia story displayed on a 40′ screen, accompanied by horrifying sets, lighting, sound, effects, and most importantly live characters from the town of Midnight Falls!,” according to the Hayride team.

In addition to switching to a car-based event, this year the location will also be switching from Griffith Park to Bonelli Regional Park, in San Dimas next to Raging Waters. This was due to the limited capacity for cars within the park. We’re assuming the extending season is aimed at accommodating as many guests as possible, but it’s worth noting that spaces are limited and fewer Angelenos will be able to attend compared to previous years.

Tickets start at $50 per car for up to 2 passengers (additional riders will cost you $10 each). If you want the VIP of horrors you can splash out on $70 to $200.


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