Heads Up LA – The Iconic ‘Friends’ Central Perk Couch Is Popping Up Around The World!

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Heads Up LA – The Iconic ‘Friends’ Central Perk Couch Is Popping Up Around The World!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the internationally adored sitcom Friends, fans across the world will be able to sit in the beloved orange couch from Central Perk!

Over 30 replicas of the famous orange couch that supported the most recognizable group of friends to grace millions of T.V. screens will soon be dispersed across the globe for fans, like you, to plop themselves onto. According to an exclusive report from USA Today, the iconic piece of furniture will be heading out for an extensive tour and popping up in front of various landmarks throughout the world this month.

From the Grand Canyon to the Effiel Tower, devoted fans will be able to find fabricated and water-proofed version of the fringed couch placed at ket locations surrounded the September 22 anniversary of the show’s premiere in 1994. And it wouldn’t truly be a grand tour without making a pitstop in Los Angeles – the very city that houses Insomnia Cafe, the West Hollywood coffee shop which invoked design inspiration to set decorator, Greg Grande.

The couch will be making a brief appearance at the US Bank Tower in Downtown – however, in the chance of having plans on traveling this month, you may be able to catch the couch in the following cities!

United States

    • Empire State Building (New York) (Sept. 21-22)
    • Friends Pop-Up Experience (New York) (Sept. 7-Oct. 7)
    • Tribeca Television Festival (New York)
    • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
    • Maggie Daley Park (Chicago) (Sept. 21)
    • Willis Tower (Chicago) (Sept. 20-22)
    • Jackson Square (New Orleans) (Sept. 19-22)
    • Klyde Warren Park (Dallas) (Sept. 13-29)
    • Reunion Tower (Dallas) (Sept. 16-30)
    • US Bank Tower (Los Angeles) (Sept. 16-22)
    • AT&T stores (Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Anchorage, Alaska; Mall of America in Minnesota)


    • Toronto International Film Festival


    • The London Eye (U.K.) (Sept. 22)
    • Abbey Road (London)
    • Venice International Film Festival (Italy)
    • Stonehenge (U.K.)
    • Ross Fountain (Edinburgh, Scotland)
    • Cardiff Castle (Wales) (Sept. 19)
    • Potters Field/Tower Bridge (London) (Sept. 20)
    • Triton Fountain (Rome) (Sept. 21-22)
    • Royal Palace (Madrid) (Oct. 1-Nov. 30)
    • Sony Center (Berlin) (Sept. 21-22)
    • Jardin du Palais Royal (Paris) (Sept. 12)


  • Burj Khalifa (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Comic-Con Africa (Johannesburg)
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Mexico City
  • Sao Paulo
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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