Hollywood’s Beloved 101 Coffee Shop Has Permanently Closed

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Hollywood’s Beloved 101 Coffee Shop Has Permanently Closed

Sadly, the rumors are true.

The storied 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood featured in Swingers and Entourage has permanently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rumors that it had shuttered for good did the rounds on Twitter over the weekend, spurred on by being listed as permanently closed on Google. On Monday, it was confirmed with a statement to Eater L.A.

“Because of the ongoing pandemic, the temporary closure of the 101 Coffee Shop has become permanent. This was a tough decision, but we believe there is a silver lining. It allows us to shift focus to Little Dom’s, which has become an institution in and of itself over the past 13 years, and the recently opened Little Dom’s Seafood up the coast in Carpinteria,” said co-owner Warner Ebbink in a statement. “After almost 20 years of the 101 Coffee Shop, this closure defines the end of an era. We’ll always be grateful for the shared moments and what the restaurant brought to the LA F&B community, as well as the incredible support of our loyal guests at all our establishments,” it continued.

Gone are the days of having an actual parking space on Franklin Village, spotting celebrities, or filling up on elaborate milkshakes and brownie waffle sundaes at silly hours of the morning. The 60s-inspired diner has been a convenient meeting ground for the entertainment elite for two decades and Hollywood took to Twitter to pay tribute to the iconic coffee shop.

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins shared a picture of one of the booths, noting how it has always served as a reliable place of comfort with great employees.

Comedian Patton Oswalt shared photos of his daughter enjoying a sandwich saying, “Aw man, the 101 Coffee Shop was one of Alice’s favorite hangs.”

HBO writer Jaclyn Moore reminded us of a few other gems that have been lost to the pandemic.

Penny Dreadful actor Michael Gladis recalls his favorite eavesdropping moment of an aspiring actor’s first “industry meeting” with a writer’s room assistant.

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to support the friendly staff members that were laid off in March. “We are saddened to announce the permanent closing of the 101 Coffee Shop. This marks the end of an era. For many of us, employees and patrons alike, the 101 Coffee Shop wasn’t just a restaurant. It was home, the page descriptions reads.

“20 years of serving you, running to get your eggs, waffle brownie sundae celebrations, late night coffee dates, screenplays written, surprise engagements. Couples have met here and returned to renew their vows. Kids have grown up here and now come back with their own kids. It’s impossible to put into words what this place has meant to so many,” it adds.

Featured Image: 101 Coffee Shop via Facebook


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