A Look At Huntington Beach Before And After The Closure

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A Look At Huntington Beach Before And After The Closure

A stark contrast between the last two weekends at Huntington Beach.

On the weekend of April 25, hundreds of residents flocked to Newport and Huntington Beach amid the heat wave. This raised major concerns amongst health officials and Governor Gavin Newsom and later that week the O.C. beaches were ordered to close.

After Huntington Beach tried to oppose the governor’s order, a judge denied their request on Friday, May 1, and the closures officially went into place on Saturday. Extra police were patrolling the beaches in vehicles.

Despite the strikes that happened across Los Angeles, the vast majority of Angelenos are in favor of Newsom’s order and in fact would rather continue the lockdown for as long as necessary than risk opening too soon.

Before the closures went into place, April 25

Credit: @etilauphoto via Instagram

Beachgoers were seen gathering in small crowds and enjoying a day out at the beach as if it were any normal day. Many were not wearing any coverings over their faces.

In spite of what seemed like COVID-19 hotbed, Huntington Beach Police praised locals for complying with social distancing measures.

After the closures went into place, May 3

Tape went up and helicopters were circling the beach.

Credit: @michaeljknowles via Twitter

Some made a point about following the rules, although we’re not sure what activity he is partaking in here.

Credit: Twitter via @BoldMoveFitnessThe Huntington Police posted an update showing a very quiet day at the beach. Meditation perhaps?

Credit: @greenbaumly via Instagram

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