Do You Have What It Takes To Find The Killer In LA’s New Immersive Murder Mystery?

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Do You Have What It Takes To Find The Killer In LA’s New Immersive Murder Mystery?

An immersive murder mystery game is coming to Los Angeles and it’s up to you to find the killer! Find out how to be the first to know when tickets go on sale…

Calling true-crime lovers and internet sleuths alike! A new action-packed experience is heading to L.A. and its twist and turns will leave you with a blood-pumping thrill unlike anything else in town.

Solo or with a set of friends, Fever’s immersive Murder Mystery game will put you at the center of all the action. The goal is to find out who killed a famed Los Angeles resident who never saw it coming – will you be able to find justice for a fellow Angeleno?

Our time on this planet is fleeting… you’ll only have 2 hours to discover who the inscrutable killer is by carrying out top-notch detective work. This in hand will involve getting to know the guests who were present during the time of the murder; don’t be nervous about interrogating each alleged culprit one by one. It could be anyone: a best friend, an ex-lover, a jealous family member?

Whatever you decide to do throughout your investigation just remember that in Murder Mystery the clues are not always reliable and clear. Try your best not to be fooled and when all else fails, trust your gut! Once the mystery is finally solved, reward yourself with a drink – just be sure to keep an eye out…

Join the waitlist to LA’s new Immersive Murder Mystery, here!

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