If You Love In-N-Out Burgers, Then You’ll Love These Shoes Designed After Their Cups

By Malia Wooten

Literally, no one:
Me on v-day: If you love me, you’ll buy me these in-n-out shoes!

It’s looking like you can rock your animal-style obsession on an entirely new level. Southern California’s favorite local burger chain posted these bad boys onto their Instagram and they’re right, they sure do look like they’ll get you a lot farther than a box of chocolates.

The “Drink Cup Shoes” are exactly what we never knew we needed. Who knew that the take-out cups that we’ve been sipping on for decades would look soooo good on our feet?

The laceless shoes are advertised on the In-n-Out website as classic and cool and the photos reveal that they have the iconic chain’s logo on printed in white on the heel. The shoes can be found in men, women, and youth sizing.

It just leaves us with one last question… should we buy a pair for $65 or spend that money on a dozen double-doubles?

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