Insomnia Cookies Is Gifting One Lucky Student A Cookie For Every Day Of College

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Insomnia Cookies Is Gifting One Lucky Student A Cookie For Every Day Of College

Is it too late to enroll for the fall semester?

Imagine how much better college would have been if you were gifted a cookie every day?

Stressed about that final? At least I’ve got this cookie!
Got dumped… again? At least I’ve got this cookie!
Too broke to go grocery shopping this week? Yum – is that a double chocolate mint cookie?

Though us graduates and hard-working “adults” can dream of all the wonderous moments a fresh-baked cookie could have delivered, hope isn’t lost for us all… Given that the delicious cookie brand was born in a dorm room, the CEO & Founder, Seth Berkowitz feels that it’s only right to gift a cookie to one lucky student every single day of their four-year journey.

(That’s over 1,000 cookies people!)

“Whether you’re entering school for the first time or returning for another year, the transition requires young adults to balance academic, social and often work — usually at the sacrifice of sleep,” Seth Berkowitz, founder & CEO for Insomnia Cookies, said in a press release. “To kick off this school year, we want to help students enthusiastically embrace the lack of sleep that is all part of the experience. Insomnia Cookies was born in a dorm room, so focusing on this phase of life goes back to our core identity.”

If you want to be the person on campus known for having a pantry filled with Insomnia Cookies, all you have to do to enter this amazing cookie sweepstake is head over to their website and share your name along with all that other good stuff. Though only one lucky student will win a college lifetime of cookies, 10 other struggling students will be gifted $100 gift cards.

(And between us, the fine print states that you don’t even have to be a college student to win… you just have to LOVE cookies!)

The winners will be announced in October.

Enter for your chance to win, here!

Location: 8951 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. See it on Google maps.

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