It’s Officially Summer But L.A. Weather May Have You Believing Otherwise

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

It’s Officially Summer But L.A. Weather May Have You Believing Otherwise

June gloom is starting to feel a lot like winter…

We’re already in our summer mood but it’s looking like Los Angeles has some catching up to do! Overcast mornings have turned into gray afternoons then to chilly evenings, and to be honest, if there’s any more drizzle we might just lose our Southern California-cool.

We entered summer solstice on June 21, but if you weren’t counting down the days on a calendar you wouldn’t even be able to tell what season it was judging by the weather. Experiencing a bit of May gray and June gloom isn’t completely bizarre for the city, but it sure does feel like the weather has been a bit unusual for the entirety of the year.

The upcoming forecast predicts moody weather through the end of the month, with the possibility of No-Sky-July during the beginning of the month. This may not be all that bad considering the overcast skies will shield us from the heat of the sun – it’s expected that high pressure will take control and burn through the thick marine layer by the second half July. Before your east coast friends throw another joke your way about living in Seattle, shoot them a smile and let them know that ‘it’s all part of living with a marine climate’ (aka our beach city is better than yours!)

So the next time you’re forced to run back into the house for a jacket this summer, just think about how lucky you are to live near the Pacific Ocean in the first place! Sunny days are upon us L.A. – let us just hope that all these grays days are giving way for blue summer skies.

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