It’s On – McDonald’s And Wendy’s Faceoff In A Bacon War

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It’s On – McDonald’s And Wendy’s Faceoff In A Bacon War

Nothing screams ‘Merica louder than two fast-food giants gearing up for a bacon battle!

To be honest, it comes as no surprise that a war over bacon has arrived. It was bound to happen someday. After McDonald’s revealed that they’d be hosting a ‘Bacon Hour’, Wendy’s hopped in on the fun by offering their customers free bacon for a week! And folks, the competition is real.

From 4 to 5 pm on Tuesday, January 29, McDonald’s is allowing customers to add bacon to anything on the menu… for free! A burger? Add bacon to it. Chicken nuggets? Add bacon to it. A McFlurry? Add bacon to it! When they say you can add bacon to anything, they absolutely mean that you can add bacon to anything! If you miss out on the golden hour, you can opt into trying one of the three limited edition menu items McDonald’s is debuting later this week: cheesy bacon fries, the Big Mac bacon burger, and the Quarter Pounder bacon burger.

Countering their competitor’s bacon hour is Wendy’s with a week-long promotion available through DoorDash only. For every $10 order, the bacon-loving chain will gift customers with a free Baconator cheeseburger; all you have to do is use the code FREEBACONATOR. The burger is built to be exactly what it sounds like, featuring two beef patties, American cheese, six pieces of crispy applewood smoked bacon, and topped off with ketchup and mayo. The promotion runs through February 4th.

If you’re wondering how this bacon dispute even started, Wendy’s executive Kurt Kane made a statement that was pretty clear. He addressed the fact that Wendy’s has “always owned bacon and that’s not changing because our competitors are throwing a happy hour to celebrate its importance. Bacon is at the core of what we do at Wendy’s, and we aren’t afraid to throw down the gauntlet.”

Conflict isn’t usually our thing, but when bacon is involved – it’s every Hamburglar for themself!

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