PHOTOS: Joshua Tree Is Covered In Snow And It’s Utterly Breathtaking

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A desert winter wonderland.

Winter storms hit SoCal last Friday, bringing snow to Joshua Tree and turning it into a stunning winter haven. While the beautiful white dusting in Malibu brought traffic to a grinding halt, there’s nothing quite as surreal as seeing a frosted desert. The sparse and arid landscape had nothing but the odd tree or rock formation to catch the white flakes, creating an endless chalky shroud.

While it’s a little unusual, researchers say a good freezing during winter can stimulate a Joshua tree’s flowering and branching. Even though it damages the growing portion of it, there’ll be fewer spindly stalks that never bloom.

Park officials posted a video of the tranquil snowfall covering the region in a powder-white blanket on January 24, when the second storm hit. The soft grey haze seemed to create a screen where only the snippet of nature right in front of you could be seen.

With statewide restrictions lifted, camping grounds are open again and those in the park didn’t hesitate to fill social feeds with incredible photos that make it look like a beautiful dystopia:

The endless snowscapes are nothing short of breathtaking.

It’s not every day that you need to pack your snow gear for the dessert or that you need to pack your snow boots for a trip to  Joshua Tree!

Featured Image: Joshua Tree NPS

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