Katy Perry Dressed Up As An ‘I Voted’ Sticker And Danced On The Streets Of L.A.

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…and everyone liked it.

While everyone is already hanging up their Halloween costumes from the weekend, Katy Perry was just getting into the spirit of dressing up. Except, this outfit was devoid of any creepy characteristics and pop-culture cliches. Instead, it was a large “I Voted” sticker floating above her shoulders with her masked face poking through the “o” of the sticker, focused on encouraging voters to get out and vote on Election Day.

Perry posted a video of her in the costume wandering the streets of Los Angeles, shouting “go vote” to drivers passing by. Cars honked back with enthusiasm with one driver stopped to remark on how “hysterical” it was—we agree! Later in the video, she’s seen entering a liquor store in her long knitted garment and Birkenstocks with her giant sticker head getting trapped at the door.

The video is scored with her a track “Not The End Of The World” from her latest album Smile and the caption read, “It’s not the end of the world / No, not the end of the world / Throw on your fancy attire, fears in the fire / Don’t lose hope.” Ending her caption she wrote, “TOMORROW IS ELECTION DAY! 🗳 Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell complete strangers on the street to #BRINGASNACK #TAKEYOURBIKE 🇺🇸 #buthonkifyoualreadyvoted.”

This video was the follow up to a similar video she posted when she mailed in her own ballot at the end of October. In it, she’s seen walking up to the ballot box with a headband and sunglasses before transforming into the same sticker. She then proceeds to dance around on the streets with the same track as the backdrop.

Perry and her partner Orlando Bloom, have been vocal about voting with each posting the same video of the new parents singing an improvised tune while drinking their morning coffee.

It’s all the goofy, lighthearted energy we’ve desperately needed in 2020.

If you’re registered to vote and haven’t made it out, there’s still time. You can head to your nearest polling station or one of these L.A. landmarks that are doubling up as polling stations this year. Once you’ve cast your vote, you can reward yourself with some of these Election Day freebies and specials.

[Featured Image: Katy Perry via Instagram]



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